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Working For The Knife lyrics

Working For The Knife lyrics:
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Working For The Knife Lyrics Details

Lyrics TitleWorking For The Knife
MusicPatrick Hyland

Working For The Knife Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I Cry At The Start Of Every Movie
I Guess ‘Cuz I Wish
I Was Making Things Too
But I’m Working For The Knife

I Used To Think I Would Tell Stories
But Nobody Cared For The Stories
I Had About, No Good Guys

[Verse 2]
I Always Knew The World Moves On
I Just Didn’t Know It Would Go Without Me
I Start The Day High And It Ends So Low
‘Cuz I’m Working For The Knife

I Used To Think I’d Be Done By 20
Now At 29 The Road Ahead Appears The Same
Though Maybe At 30 I’ll See A Way To Change
That I’m Living For The Knife

[Verse 3]
I Always Thought The Choice Was Mine
And I Was Right But I Just Chose Wrong
I Start The Day Lying And End With The Truth
That I’m Dying For The Knife


Written by :Mitski

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