Celtics            vs                 NETS

Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving didn’t click Wednesday, and now Brooklyn is staring down a 2–0 hole against a more well-organized Boston squa

The clock ticked towards zero and along the Nets sideline two future Hall of Famers with more than 200 playoff games between them looked shook

Game 2 Loss to the Celtics

Boston delivered in clutch time in Game 1 vs. Brooklyn after finishing 29th in clutch play during the regular season.

The Celtics take a 2–0 series lead

Boston 114, Brooklyn 107.

And the Nets are in a world of trouble.

Jayson Tatum's Game 1 buzzer beater joins a hallowed list of clutch Celtics playoff moments!

When we look at clutch stats, the default parameters are when the score is within five points in the final five minutes of the fourth quarter or overtime.

For weeks, Brooklyn was the NBA’s boogeyman. Two games against the Celtics and the Nets have been exposed. Durant looks tired. He averaged 41 minutes per game in the final five games of the regular season.