Till what age can a woman have sex?


At what age can a woman have sex / desire to have a relationship?

– In a research conducted by the University of California, women aged 40-100 years were included. Half of these women admitted that they are still sexually active. Most of these women admitted that they were able to get aroused, maintain lubrication and  orgasm during sex  , even after the age of 80.

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– According to research, women over the age of 80, who are sexually active, were the most likely to find satisfaction through orgasm.

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– Another thing that came out in this research was that women are more satisfied with their sex life as they get older. More than half of women over the age of 80 admit that they are always or most of the time sexually satisfied during sex.

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– – Another important fact revealed in this research is that sexually active women get orgasm not only from sexual intercourse, but also from other ways of touching or getting intimate by partner helps them to get sexual satisfaction.