Female Arousal Stages and Tips to Increase

The desire to have sex and the state of being ready for it is called sexual arousal. Like men, signs of sexual arousal can also be seen in women. If we only talk about a woman’s sexual arousal, then changes in the size of her breasts and wetness in the vagina are its symptoms. At the same time, there are also different stages of female sexual arousal.

What is female arousal?

The state of producing desire for sex  is called libido. At the same time, when a woman is sexually excited or thrilled, many changes take place in her emotionally and physically. The woman’s nerves, blood-vessels, brain and  hormones  start working rapidly. Along with the change in their thoughts and feelings, there are also different changes in the vagina. This state is called sexual arousal.

What are the symptoms of female arousal?

Many changes are seen when a woman is sexually aroused and has a physical relationship. These symptoms can be as follows –

  • There is a slight increase in the pulse and heart rate of the woman   and the blood pressure also increases slightly. This process is considered completely normal.
  • Breast size may increase slightly. 
  • Wetness is applied to the vagina to help lubricate the genitals.
  • Due to the high blood flow, there  may be  slight  swelling in some parts of the vagina, such as the labia ie vaginal lips and clitoris  .
  • The vaginal canal may dilate slightly.
  • Nipples can be straight and hard while Female Arousal.

What are the stages of female arousal?

Britain’s National Health Service has divided sexual arousal into 4 stages. The body goes through these 4 phases before sex, during sex and after sex. Let us know in detail about the four stages of female sexual arousal –


In this stage, many physical changes take place in the body of the woman. This stage helps the vagina to get ready for sex. For example,  vaginal dryness  ends, as lubricating fluid builds up in the glands. As the woman’s blood vessels dilate, there is a slight swelling in the vagina. Not only this, touching the nipples can also be sensitive.


The stage before orgasm is known as Plato’s stage. During this, the woman’s excitement starts increasing gradually. In this stage, the vagina can become tight and more lubrication can be created.


Orgasm is often   seen as the final stage of sex, but it doesn’t have to be. It is totally possible to have pleasurable sex without reaching orgasm. Muscle cramps can occur during orgasm   , especially in the lower back and pelvic area. At this stage, the woman’s vagina may be tight and  more lubricated for sex  . This phase is associated with a feeling of euphoria and joy.

sex stability

After orgasm, the woman’s muscles come into relaxation mode and blood pressure also becomes completely normal. At this time when the woman touches the clitoris, she may feel a sensitive or mild pain. Once a woman reaches this stage, it can be difficult for a woman to reach orgasm again.

How to increase sexual arousal in a woman?

Foreplay  can be beneficial to increase sexual arousal  . It is explained point wise below –

  • Sexual desire increases by talking lovingly before sex with a female partner.
  • Love can be expressed by filling a woman in her arms.
  • Kiss can be done on the lips, cheeks and neck of the female partner.
  • Touching a woman’s nipples is also considered a part of foreplay.
  • Touching the sensitive parts of a woman with love is also the right option.


Sexual arousal refers to the physical changes that take place in the body. This happens when someone feels sexually active. Symptoms of sexual arousal are clearly visible in men, in the same way symptoms of sexual arousal can be seen in women. Symptoms of sexual arousal in women include increased blood flow to the private parts, hard breasts and a feeling of wetness in the vagina. 

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